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Acousto-Optical Tunable Filters case study - request a quote for custom AOTF or AOD system

Customer wrote:
I am currently working on several multi-spectral imaging programs and am considering the use of an AOTF for spectral filtering. We are currently in the feasibility evaluation/systems engineering stage and would like to understand what is currently available and what might be available with further development. I am working primarily in the mid wave (3-5um).

Since this is an imaging application, we are interested in relatively large aperture size and modest spectral resolution.
Please send me detailed specifications as well as your price and delivery information.

Del Mar Photonics offer R&D and manufacturing of custom AOD and AOTF systems. Below is an example of recent OEM product delivered to the customer

The acousto-optic electronically controlled monochromator

Monochromator material TeO2
Spectral range, nm 600 1700
Range of control frequencies, MHz 39 128
Spectral resolution, nm 2.8 15
Optical aperture, mm 6.0
Angle aperture, grad 6.5
Maximum time averaged power of control signal, W 1.0
Diffraction efficiency of the acousto-optic filters,% 46 76
Operating mode CW or pulsed
Input wave resistance, Ohm 50
VSWR, rel.un. < 3

request a quote for custom AOTF or AOD system


AOTF Infrared Spectrometer
Del Mar Photonics offer a handheld infrared spectrometer based on the acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF). This instrument is about the size and weight of a video camera, and can be battery operated. This unique, patented device is all solid-state with no moving parts. It has been sold for a wide variety of applications such as liquid fuel analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, gas monitoring and plastic analysis. Miniature AOTF infrared spectrometer uses a crystal of tellurium dioxide to scan the wavelength. Light from a light source enters the crystal, and is diffracted into specific wavelengths. These wavelengths are determined by the frequency of the electrical input to the crystal. Since there are no moving parts, the wavelength scanning can be extremely fast. In addition, specific wavelengths can be chosen by software according to the required algorithm, and therefore can be modified without changing the hardware. After the infrared radiation reflects off of the sample, it is converted into an electrical signal by the detector and analyzed by the computer. Del Mar Photonics is looking for international distributors for RAVEN - AOTF IR spectrometer for plastic identification and for variety of scientific and industrial collaborations to explore futher commercial potential of AOTF technology.
New: AOTF spectrometer to measure lactose, fat and proteins in milk


We are looking forward to hear from you and help you with your optical and crystal components requirements. Need time to think about it? Drop us a line and we'll send you beautiful Del Mar Photonics mug (or two) so you can have a tea party with your colleagues and discuss your potential needs.


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