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Breath Analysis Workshop: September 8-9, 2008

Call for Papers (new!)

We have recently gotten permission to guest edit a special topics issue of the IEEE Sensors journal. The draft call for papers is here. The final call for papers will be announced on the journal website shortly. However, as a service to the community, we wanted to give advance notice that this is approved.
Please consider submitting a manuscript on your work in this area to this peer-reviewed special topics issue of the archival journal IEEE Sensors.

Guest Editors for this issue are:

* Professor Cristina Davis, University of California, Davis ( )
* Dr. Matthias Frank, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( )
* Professor Boris Mizaikoff, University of Ulm ( )
* Dr. Harald Oser, SRI International, Inc. ( )

Goal for the Special Issue

The last two decades have witnessed pioneering advances in the analytical assessment of chemical compounds and metabolites exhaled in human breath. While the physiological relevance and meaning of many components in breath is not yet fully elucidated, it is evident that the composition of exhaled breath (EB) and breath condensate (EBC) provide a complex image of the biochemical processes in the body, which can be correlated to the physiological status of the patient. Bench-top investigations have elucidated the identities of many volatile and non-volatile breath biomarkers, there is current interest in the field to advance novel sensor concepts to monitor for these analytes in breath.

Technologies that will follow to make clinical breath analysis tests a reality will need to incorporate novel sensors that will meet a range of engineering design challenges. This special topics issue will explore novel sensors and methods that are currently being researched and developed in academic, national laboratories and industrial settings.
Original research contributions, tutorials and review papers are sought in breath analysis areas including (but not limited to):

MEMS/NEMS sensors
Solid state detectors
Miniature IR sensors
Miniature breath collection/concentration modules
Enzyme-based sensors
Miniature gas chromatography and mass spectrometers applied towards breath analysis
Informatics approaches to interpret sensor output for breath diagnostics
System level designs for hand-held mobile breath sensing systems

Information about peer-review:

Solicited and invited papers shall undergo the standard IEEE Sensors Journal peer review process. All manuscripts must be submitted on-line using the IEEE Sensors manuscript template, via the IEEE Manuscript CentralTM, see Upon submission, please indicate in the Author Comments section, and also by e-mail to Ms. Linda Matarazzo (, that the paper is intended for this Special Issue. Authors for this Special Issue are encouraged to suggest names of potential reviewers for their manuscripts in the space provided for these recommendations in Manuscript Central. For manuscript preparation and submission, please follow the guidelines in the Information for Authors at the IEEE Sensors Journal web page,