Del Mar Photonics

Crystals and optics for DPSS laser manufacturing

High power Laser kits and Eye safe laser kits

Del Mar Photonics offer high power laser kits and eye safe laser kits:

HIGH POWER LASER KITS - request a quote
1. The Grown YVO4+Nd:YVO4 crystals
2. The diffusion bonding :YAG+Nd:YAG; YVO4+Nd:YVO4 crystals
3. Low absorption @1064nm ND:YVO4 crystals
4. High damage threshold LBO crystals for THG@1064nm
5. laser dimension Brewster cut BBO for 4HG@1064nm

EYESAFE LASER KITS - request a quote
1.Er:Glass rods: CR14 (lamp pump) and EAT14 (LD pump)
2.Diffusion bonding crystals: Nd:YAG+Cr:YAG,
3.NCPM KTP or KTA for 1064nm---1570nm OPO. Dimension from 3x3x20mm to 10x10x30mm

Other optics:
High precise lenses and windows, prisms

Example of custom crystals and optics for DPSS laser manufacturing:

Green DPSS
Nd:YVO4, 3at.%Nd, a-cut, 3mm×3mm×1mm
S1: HT-808, HR-1064/532
S2: AR-1064/532
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Theta 90deg, Phi 23.5deg
3x3x1mm or 3x3x2mm
S1,S2 AR1064/532
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Green Output Lens (LEN2)
Dia 6×2 S1: R=-50 HR-1064 (R>99.8%),
AR-532(R<0.2%) S2: R=? AR-532(R<0.2%)
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NdYAG: 3×3×2mm, 1.1%doped
S1: HT-808/1064/1319 (T?95.0%/90.0%/90.0%),
HR-946/473 (R?99.8%/99.8%),
S2: AR-946/473 (R?99.8%/99.8%)
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3×3×1mm or 3x3x2mm
Theta=90deg, Phi=19.4deg
AR/AR-946/473 (R?99.8%/99.8%)
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Blue Output Lens (LEN3)
Dia 6×2 S1: R=-50mm, HR-946(99.8%),
S2: R=?, AR-473(R<0.2%)
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DPSS DMPLH lasers - DPSS laser prices
4W/6W DPPS Green Laser - Compact pulsed Nd:YAG lasers
Green laser > 5 Watts for military application
Femtosecond DPSS Lasers
Diode pumped solid state lasers operating at 457 nm and 450 nm - buy from online store
DPSS 532 nm 1W laser DMPV-532-1 (532nm Diode Pumped Solid
State Green Laser 1000mW)
- buy from online store
DPSS 532 nm 3W laser DMPV-532-3
Red Green Blue DPSS lasers