Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6" Quote

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You can receive several discounts on the price shown in this quote:

1) 5% discount for making yourself a quote. Just download our standard quote, enter your name, date and and number of the quote in the format YYMMDD/TIME. For example, if you prepared your quote on April 1, 2007 at 3:35 pm the quote number will be 070401/1535

Take 5% discount and enter value (for example, for MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6" catalogue price is $6900.-, 5% discount is $345.- and your price is $6555.-

2) 5% research discount if you send us one page of your research description and how MCP detector will be used.

3) 3% discount if you add a link to our web site on your web page.

If you do 1)-3) your combined discount will be 13% and the price of the detector will be $6003.-

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