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Unique, one of a kind custom modified system - BioRad Radiance 2000MP Confocal/multiphoton combo system; Confocal/multiphoton modes can be operated simultaneously or separately.

Configuration: Upright, with Olympus BX 50 WI microscope, modified for intravital microscopy;
Inverted, with Olympus IX70 microscope
(scan head can be swapped between upright and inverted)

Lasers: for confocal - ArKr (488 and 568nm) and Red diode (633 nm); for multiphoton - Spectra Physics MaiTai Broad Band, tuning range = 710-990 nm.

Detectors: 3 internal (descanned); 4 external (non-descanned); one transmission

Table: TMC 5x7 anti-vibration table;

System service contract with Zeiss until Dec 2008;
ArKr laser replaced Nov 2010;
MaiTai Laser service contract with Spectra Physics until Jan31, 2011;

Used daily.


Del Mar Photonics supplies multi-photon lasers and systems based on cost effective femtosecond sources:

Multiphoton Imaging

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