Del Mar Photonics offers Harmonic Generators up to 5th Harmonic
* Solid State Raman Converter
* Solid State Optical Parametric Oscillator OPO
* High Power Attenuator for All Harmonics
* Custom Configurations

Example of custom inquiry:
I have a frequency doubled Nd:YAG that puts out ~120mJ/pulse at 532nm (an older New Wave Gemini PIV Laser). I would like to frequency triple the output for LIF work. Will one of your harmonic generators accomplish this and, if so, can you give me a quote and availability.

When requesting a quote for THG Third Harmonic Generator please indicate:
1. Beam dia
2. Polarisation at 532nm (if second harmonic is available)
3. Power at 1064nm after the SHG module
4. Polarisation at 1064nm after the SHG module
5. PRR
6. Pulsewidth

Additional detailes from the customer:
Attached are the laser specs. I have no idea what the polarization is after the 532 crystal but it was designed to be frequency tripled. I can find this out if this is not standard. Most of the information is online. The Solo 120XT is nearly the identical laser. 2x100mj/pulse does not mean 200mj. It means there are two laser heads capable of delivering 15Hz each: two pulses within roughly 1us apart at 15Hz or one pulse every 30Hz. However, energy/pulse drops dramatically with pulse frequency to something like 10mJ/pulse at 15Hz.

Del Mar Photonics:
Yes, It is possible to use our LG103 THG unit with LBO crystal.