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The Yb-based high-energy fiber laser system kit, model Tourmaline Yb-ULRepRate-07, is available in the following configurations:

Pulse energy and rep rate for different pulse durations:
500 fs: a few nJ, a few dozen MHz - request a quote
10 ps: a few dozen nJ, a few MHz - request a quote
100 ps: sub-uJ, sub-MHz - request a quote
3 ns: a few uJ, a few dozen kHz - request a quote

Output beam: fiber, linear polarization

Yb-based high-energy fiber laser system kit, model Tourmaline Yb-ULRepRate-07, includes:
- low-repetition-rate high-energy mode-locked Yb-doped all-fiber laser with open architecture which provides possibility of educational & experimental work for obtaining ultra-low-repetition-rate (up to 10 kHz) and study of parabolic shaped pulses
- powerful fiber amplifier.

- record-breaking ultra-low repetition rate (ULRepRate) for mode-locked lasers
- new concept high-energy mode-locked fiber laser system without Q-switching and cavity dumping techniques
- super-wide range of output pulse durations from femtosecond to nanosecond
- open architecture master oscillator platform may be used for realization of different configurations of femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond pulse fiber lasers.

Wavelength: 1.07 nm 0.1 nm
Pulse duration: 500 fs - 3 ns
Repetition rate: 25-5 MHz and low (up to 10 kHz)
Pulse energy: up to 10 J (microJoule)


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Ytterbium-doped Femtosecond Solid-State Laser Tourmaline Yb-SS400 Request a quote

The Yb-doped Tourmaline Yb-SS400 laser radiates at 10592 nm. New design features integrated pump diode module for greater system stability and turn-key operation. The solid-bulk body of the laser ensures maximum rigidity, while self-starting design provides for easy "plug-and-play" operation.

Tourmaline Yb-SS400/150
Pulse duration (FWHM), fs < 150
Wavelength, nm 10592
Output power, mW* >400
Repetition rate, MHz 80*
Output power stability** 1% (see graph)
Spatial mode TEMoo
Polarization, linear >100:1 (horizontal)
Laser head dimensions, mm 710x165x110
Power supply dimensions, mm 230x200x85

* - custom values available upon request
** - at stable room conditions over 12 hours after 30 minutes warm-up

Small footprint
Integrated pump source
Highly stable
Short pulse duration
Self-starting of femtosecond regime

- Seed oscillator for amplifiers
- Multi-photon excitation microscopy
- Pump-probe spectroscopy
- Supercontinuum generation
- Generation of terahertz radiation
- Time-resolved spectroscopy
- Optical coherent tomography

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