Del Mar Photonics - Business Development - Executive Summary

Del Mar Photonics Executive Summary

Del Mar Photonics is a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art ultrafast laser systems and optical components. Over the last three years, our international team of scientists and engineers has developed an impressive portfolio of ultrafast laser products. We have grown from a small, core group of scientists, to an international assemblage of scientists, engineers, and support personnel numbering over 25 full and part time employees. We are a profitable and growing ultrafast photonics company.

Del Mar Photonics product portfolio includes ultrafast laser oscillators and amplifiers based on Ti:Sapphire, Cr:Forsterite, Er- and Yb- doped fibers; variety of measurement tools such as autocorrelators, SPIDER and cross-correlator and a femtosecond dynamic research tools such as fluorescence up-conversion and transient spectroscopy pump-probe systems. Del Mar Photonics offers integration of femtosecond laser systems for multiphoton imaging, scanning probe microscopy, micromachining, molecular dynamic, X-ray and plasma research, THz generation and spectroscopy and other applications.

Currently there are a large number of growing fields in which ultrafast lasers are becoming of significant interest. Because of their unique characteristics, ultrafast lasers are becoming integral to many areas, such as bioimaging and surgery, military applications, and micromachining. The growing interest in these fields represents the growing market for ultrafast products.

The current market estimate for ultrashort laser products is $500,000,000. Based on current market estimates, we expect to corner 20% of the market share; with projected revenues in excess of $100,000,000 by year 2015.

Over the past three years, Del Mar Photonics has seen rapid growth in global sales, with revenues approaching $2,000,000 in 2006. We have strong sales in the Pacific Rim (Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China) and Russia and growing sales in the United States and Europe.

Ultrafast lasers and products are one of the most advanced technologies existing today. As a result our major targets are the research communities of the Physical, Chemical and Biological Departments in US, and international universities, and research labs of the leading technological companies.
Those researchers not only use our products in the lab, but they continuously create new applications for our ultrafast lasers in the commercial market. By establishing collaborations with our research customers we will be on the front edge of those applications and will be positioned to offer new advanced systems to commercial customers, and advanced products and components to OEM customers for integration in their systems.

Potential commercial customers include the following markets:

a) Material processing companies that will use our lasers and systems for modification of a variety of materials including micromachining and micro-device manufacturing. This industry utilizes the ultrashort laser pulse properties to achieve an unprecedented degree of control in sculpting the desired microstructures internal to the materials without collateral damage to the surroundings, and provides the capability of realizing various photonic devices at arbitrary depth inside the bulk substrate.
b) Imaging instrumentation manufacturers that will integrate ultrafast lasers in advanced imaging tools for applications in biology, medical research and healthcare.
c) Healthcare currently ultrafast lasers are replacing other types of lasers in LASIK surgery and pain-free laser dentistry. Our task is to become an OEM supplier to medical laser companies working in these markets.
d) US government. The US Government is a major customer for advanced research systems that can be used in advanced research (National Labs), homeland defense and military applications. Examples of demand from US Government customers are strong interest from Raytheon for one of our proprietary multiterawatt ultrafast laser system, and from Sandia National Labs in our prototype ultrafast micromachining workstation.

Our products are distributed worldwide through our own sales forces in the United States and Russia and with an international network of sales representatives in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and many other countries. We plan to carry out research, development, and prototyping for ultrafast lasers both in San Diego, US headquarters and from our manufacturing facilities in Troitsk, Russia.

In San Diego we plan to establish our Applications Research Laboratory (ARL). There we will collaborate on pulsed laser micromachining applications with the semiconductor, display, as well as biomedical, medical device, and other high-tech manufacturing industries. We will have a demo/development nonlinear imaging setup where we will develop new multiphoton, harmonics and CARS imaging methods for neurobiology and other life sciences. At Del Mar Photonics we have the scientific expertise, technical know-how, and international resources to adapt ultrafast laser technology to a wide range of applications.


Del Mar Photonics - Business Development - Executive Summary