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In the past 10 years femtosecond lasers have emerged from a technology wonder to an indispensable tool in many research fields. Despite the high cost, the enormous demand for femtosecond lasers has supported the growth of over 20 global companies commercializing this technology. The technology has not only become the foundation of ultrafast pump-and-probe experiments and leading-edge nonlinear optics, it also finds exciting applications such as soliton communication, sub-millimeter-wave optoelectronics, microstructure fabrication, multiphoton microscopy, self-guided remote sensing, etc. Recently femtosecond lasers have even been utilized as frequency rulers to calibrate the most precise atomic transition. Furthermore, the potential of femtosecond technology is not only in its ultrashort time scale, but also in its ultrahigh peak power. The development of wide-band solid-state laser gain media and a technique called chirped-pulse amplification have made possible the generation of laser pulses with a peak power reaching several tens of terawatt (TW). When focused, the intensity can exceed 1020 W/cm2. Such light source is not for conventional applications, as nothing in the atomic and molecular level survives under such a strong field. However, exactly because of this capability, femtosecond technology is creating new frontiers of physics research that were once beyond imagination.

Major markets for ultrafast lasers

 Imaging and microscopy  Micromachining  Ultrafast dynamics  High power lasers for
 physical research
 Security and defence
 multiphoton microscopy
 harmonic microscopy
 multiphoton endoscopy
 subsurface modifications

 all-femtosecond eye surgery
 laser ablation
 laser deposition
 vision process
 chemical dynamic
 ion channels dynamic
 optical memory
 design of new molecules
 photodynamic therapy
 attosecond physics
 laser X-ray - promise of
 molecular microscope
 laser plasma/microfusion
 laser electron accelerators
 Femtosecond Laser-Plasma
 Particle Accelerator

 filamentation - nonlethal weapon
 THz mobile radar
 quantum cryptography
     future electronics will
 explore not only
 but also ultrafast
 Mavericks - deep tissue
 Trestles Finesse - low cost
 CARS on all platforms
 Teahupoo low cost TiSa
 Beacon up-conversion
 Hatteras transient spectra
 2-photon echo
 JAWS - multiterawatt
 Seed laser for PW femto



  STATION demo/tests

* multibillion dollar market

New projects under development with multibillion dollar markets:

1) Atomic Lithography - Next Generation after Next Generation Lithography. Atom beams will be used to create masks instead of VUV lasers or Extreme Ultraviolet sources

2) Adaptive optics for high power industrial lasers. As low cost kilowatt and multikilowatt fiber lasers revolutionize industry we expect a strong demand for adaptive optics and wavefront sensors that will allow high power beams to achive ultimate material processing performance.

A key challenge is to grow and remain flexible.
We want be able to continue to offer the great variation in system specifications required by the research community.
At the same time we must achieve repeatability and reliability required by the analytical and industrial community for demanding volume applications.

Del Mar Photonics - Business Development - Markets