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LiF windows VUV grade sample specifications

Type: square plane-parallel window
Material: VUV grade LiF
Orientation: 100
Dimensions: 20 x 20 mm (+0.0/-0.2 mm)
Thickness: 3 mm (+0.0/-0.2 mm)
Surface quality: 60/40 scr/dig
Flatness: 5 fringes at 532 nm
Parallelism: ≤ 5 arc minutes
Clear aperture: ≥ 85% of dimensions
Coating: none
Part number: LiF_SPW_20_20_3 request a custom quote

Unpolished (as cut) LiF window
Part number: LiF_SPW_20_20_3_unpolished

T>66% at 135 nm; T>77% at 150 nm;
T>85% at 165 nm

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LiF optics
UV Grade Single Crystal LiF window - VUV_LiF_20_20_3
UV Grade Single Crystal LiF2 window Diameter: 12.7x1.0mm
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VUV grade MgF2 viewport
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LiF optical windows (custom order)

Material: LiF optical VUV grade
Working wavelength: 532 nm
Type: circular wedge window
Orientation: 100
Diameter: 2 mm (+0.0/-0.2 mm)
Thickness: 5 mm (+/-0.25 mm)
Finish: 2 sides polished 40/20 scr/dig
Flatness: 5 fringes per inch at 532 nm
Wedge angle on one side 3 deg
(+/- 0.5 deg)
Chamfers: technological for protection from
edge cracks
Coating: none
Part number: LiF_WW_D2_5 certificate of conformity


 Model   Product Name+   Buy Now 
 WG-LiF-2-5   LiF circular wedge window, 2x5 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-12.7-1   LiF UV grade window, 12.7x1 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-6.35-6.35   LiF VUV grade circular plane parallel window, 6.35x6.35 mm, AR coated  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-10-10-0.5   LiF VUV grade window, 10x10x0.5 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-20-20-3   LiF VUV grade window, 20x20x3 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-10-10-3   LiF VUV grade window,10x10x3 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-10-3.5   LiF window ø 10 mm x 3.5 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-16.4-4   LiF window ø 16.4 mm x 4 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-16.4-6   LiF window ø 16.4 mm x 6 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-25.4-3   LiF window ø 25.4 mm x 3 mm  Buy Now 
 W-LiF-8.7-3   LiF window ø  8.7 mm x 3 mm  Buy Now