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Customer inquiry:
I’m putting together a pulsed laser measurement system for a DOE grant we have. The system includes a Ti:Saph and OPO however we also needed a Tripler to get below 345nm. We also need a pulse picker to reduce the rep rate to below 100kHz for the lock-in amplifier and for longer decay measurements. If you could provide me with information on any option you may have for these I would appreciate it.

Del Mar Photonics reply:
thank you for your inquiry.
Do you need a quote for Ti:Saph and OPO or you already ordered those? We'll be happy to quote to you our Trestles LH Ti:Saph!

Please indicate Ti:Sapph and OPO make/model so we can quote Tripler and pulse picker accordingly.
For price estimate and typical specification please take a look at several models shown in our online store:
Pulse pickers:

and tripler:

Please note that products in the online store represent only small part of our offer, we usually optimize pulse pickers and triplers for each laser system.
Request a quote for tripler and pulse picker today!


Pulse Picker
Pulse Picker
 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 PP-OG10/10   Pulse Picker Pismo OG10/10   $21,750.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG5/10   Pulse Picker Pismo OG5/10   $15,000.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8-1-A12   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8-1-A12   $14,380.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8-1-A15   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8-1-A15   $15,460.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/1   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/1   $15,480.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/10   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/10   $15,100.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/100B   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/100B   $33,420.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/10B   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/10B   $18,580.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/1B   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/1B   $15,540.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/25   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/25   $18,720.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/25B   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/25B   $22,560.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/50   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/50   $24,600.00  Buy Now 
 PP-OG8/50B   Pulse Picker Pismo OG8/50B   $28,730.00  Buy Now 


 THG-ATsG800   Third Harmonic Generator   $14,000.00  Buy Now 


Third Harmonic Generator

ATsG800 Third Harmonic Generator
Second and third harmonic outputs
Input wavelength for TH – 750-900 nm
Input wavelength for SH – 710-960 nm
Input pulse width - >20 fs
Conversion efficiency for TH – 8-10%
Conversion efficiency for SH – 20-40%



Del Mar Photonics is your one stop source for ultrafast (femtosecond) as well as continuum wave (CW) narrow linewidth Ti:Sapphire lasers Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
Trestles LH is a new series of high quality femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers for applications in scientific research, biological imaging, life sciences and precision material processing. Trestles LH includes integrated sealed, turn-key, cost-effective, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS). Trestles LH lasers offer the most attractive pricing on the market combined with excellent performance and reliability. DPSS LH is a state-of-the-art laser designed for today’s applications. It combines superb performance and tremendous value for today’s market and has numerous advantages over all other DPSS lasers suitable for Ti:Sapphire pumping. Trestles LH can be customized to fit customer requirements and budget.

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DPSS DMP LH series lasers will pump your Ti:Sapphire laser. There are LH series lasers installed all over the world pumping all makes & models of oscillator. Anywhere from CEP-stabilized femtosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillators to ultra-narrow-linewidth CW Ti:Sapphire oscillators. With up to 10 Watts CW average power at 532nm in a TEMoo spatial mode, LH series lasers has quickly proven itself as the perfect DPSS pump laser for all types of Ti:Sapphire or dye laser.
Ideal for pumping of:

Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
T&D-scan laser spectrometer based on narrow line CW Ti:Sapphire laser

Pismo pulse picker
The Pismo pulse picker systems is as a pulse gating system that lets single pulses or group of subsequent pulses from a femtosecond or picosecond pulse train pass through the system, and stops other radiation. The system is perfectly suitable for most commercial femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers. The system can pick either single pulses, shoot bursts (patterns of single pulses) or pick group of subsequent pulses (wider square-shaped HV pulse modification). HV pulse duration (i.e. gate open time) is 10 ns in the default Pismo 8/1 model, but can be customized from 3 to 1250 ns upon request or made variable. The frequency of the picked pulses starts with single shot to 1 kHz for the basic model, and goes up to 100 kHz for the most advanced one.
The Pockels cell is supplied with a control unit that is capable of synching to the optical pulse train via a built-in photodetector unit, while electric trigger signal is also accepted. Two additional delay channels are available for synching of other equipment to the pulse picker operation. Moreover, USB connectivity and LabView-compatible drivers save a great deal of your time on storing and recalling presets, and setting up some automated experimental setups. One control unit is capable of driving of up to 3 Pockels cells, and this comes handy in complex setups or contrast-improving schemes. The system can also be modified to supply two HV pulses to one Pockels cell unit, making it a 2-channel pulse picker system. This may be essential for injection/ejection purposes when building a regenerative or multipass amplifier system.