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Actively frequency-stabilized, continuous-wave, single-frequency ring Dye laser, model DYE-SF-077
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Unique DYE-SF-077 laser has more narrow linewidth for Dye lasers on the present market.
DYE-SF-077 laser has super-narrow linewidth (< 100 kHz) and unique Auto Re-lock function which is extremely useful in a work with frequency stabilized laser.

General description
· Ring design, three wavelength selectors: birefringent filter, thin and thick etalons, electronically controlled thick etalon to ensure laser operation in a single longitudinalcavity mode.
· Ultra-narrow line width up to < 100 kHz/sec rms: active frequency stabilization to an external reference cavity, special fast PZT actuator with extended response bandwidth.
· Unique function Smart Auto-Relock that allows uninterrupted laser operation in the frequency stabilisation mode under arbitrary external perturbations.
· Actively thermostated high-finesse reference cavity, frequency drift <40MHz/hr.
· External lock capability for stabilization to an absolute reference (e.g. iodine saturated absorption line).

Wavelength range, power
· Laser optimized at factory for primary operation wavelength at 630 nm (please indicate if you need different wavelength to be optimized!)
· Output power at 620-640 nm 1W or better with 8W pump (DPSS, 532 nm, TEMoo).
· TEMoo mode, linear polarization.

General design
· Absolutely dry dye-jet laser: the laser has a reliable shutter for the dye solution during powering up and switching off the circulation system.
· Most of the mounts are placed on a horizontal base plate, which is also the top element of the compact rigid 3-D frame made from three invar rods that ensures high stability of the optical element positions.
· Ease of adjustment, simplified laser alignment in the ring configuration because of preliminary optimisation of the elements in the linear cavity, exceptionally accurate alignment of the pump beam position.
· Premium sapphire nozzle.
· Enclosed cavity with nitrogen purge port.
· Ergonomical and reliable electronic control unit featuring a built-in generator for smooth scanning of the laser frequency.

Dye Circulation System
· Compact and powerful system of dye solution circulation with a leak-free magnetically coupled pump.
· Efficient system for suppression of pressure fluctuations in the dye circulation loop.
· The dye solution circulation system of DYE-SF-077 is designed to make the procedure of dye change convenient and clean. Laser DYE-SF-077 may be shipped with several circulation systems, in which case switching between working spectral ranges will be extremely fast and simple.

Actively frequency-stabilized, continuous-wave, single-frequency ring Dye laser, model “DYE-SF-077”:
Wavelength range: 620-640 nm
Linewidth: < 100 kHz/sec rms
Output power: > 1W@630nm at 8W pump (532 nm, TEMoo)
Smooth scanning: > 6 GHz
Frequency drift: < 40 MHz/hour
Polarization: horizontally polarized output
Auto-Relock function, external lock capability for stabilization to an absolute reference
Price of the DYE-SF-077 with above mentioned specifications, including delivery, installation, training and 12-months warranty period - request a quote

Alternatively, we can offer
Continuous-wave, single-frequency ring Dye laser, model “DYE-SF-07”:
Wavelength range: 620-640 nm
Linewidth: < 10 MHz/sec rms
Output power: > 1W@630nm at 8W pump (532 nm, TEMoo)
Smooth scanning: > 6 GHz
Polarization: horizontally polarized output
Price of the DYE-SF-077 with above mentioned specifications, including delivery, installation, training and 12-months warranty period: request a quote


Trestles LH10-fs/CW laser system at UC Santa Cruz Center of Nanoscale Optofluidics

Del Mar Photonics offers new Trestles fs/CW laser system which can be easily switched from femtosecond mode to CW and back. Having both modes of operation in one system dramatically increase a number of applications that the laser can be used for, and makes it an ideal tool for scientific lab involved in multiple research projects.
Kaelyn Leake is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. She graduated from Sweet Briar College with a B.S. in Engineering Sciences and Physics. Her research interests include development of nanoscale optofluidic devices and their applications. Kaelyn is the recipient of a first-year QB3 Fellowship. In this video Kaelyn talks about her experimental research in nanoscale optofluidics to be done with Trestles LH laser.

Reserve a spot in our femtosecond Ti:Sapphire training workshop in San Diego, California during summer 2011

Frequency-stabilized CW single-frequency ring Dye laser DYE-SF-077 pumped by DPSS DMPLH laser installed in the brand new group of Dr. Dajun Wang at the The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
DYE-SF-077 features exceptionally narrow generation line width, which amounts to less than 100 kHz. DYE-SF-077 sets new standard for generation line width of commercial lasers. Prior to this model, the narrowest line-width of commercial dye lasers was as broad as 500 kHz - 1 MHz. It is necessary to note that the 100-kHz line-width is achieved in DYE-SF-077 without the use of an acousto-optical modulator, which, as a rule, complicates the design and introduces additional losses. A specially designed ultra-fast PZT is used for efficient suppression of radiation frequency fluctuations in a broad frequency range. DYE-SF-077 will be used in resaerch of Ultracold polar molecules, Bose-Einstein condensate and quantum degenerate Fermi gas and High resolution spectroscopy



Training Workshops

Come to San Diego next summer! Attend one of our training workshops in San Diego, California during summer 2011
Del Mar Photonics has presented training workshops for customers and potential customers in the past 3 years.
Our workshops cover scientific basics, technical details and provide generous time for hands-on training.
Each workshop is a three-day seminar conducted by professional lecturer from 10am to 4pm. It includes lunch, as well as a training materials. We have also reserved two days for Q&A sessions, one-on-one system integration discussions, social networking, and San Diego sightseeing.

The following training workshops will be offered during this summer:
1. Femtosecond lasers and their applications
2. CW narrow line-width widely tunable lasers and their applications
3. Adaptive optics and wavefront sensors

4. Ultrafast (femtosecond) dynamics tools